Monday, March 19, 2018

Air Malta wet-leases aircraft to SKY Airline of Chile

Air Malta has again entered into a short-term wet lease agreement with SKY Airline of Chile for a period of two months, in the third wet lease agreement between the two airlines since 2007. This aircraft will re-join the Air Malta fleet at its Malta base after the first week of March, in time for the airline’s summer operation.
The Air Malta A320 aircraft with registration 9H-AEN will be operated by Air Malta cockpit crew and maintained by Air Malta engineers. A number of Air Malta training pursers have also been sent over to Chile to give the necessary training to SKY Airlines cabin crew. The pilots deployed with this aircraft have been given specialised training to be able to operate an aircraft in South America and across the Andes.
The aircraft left Malta on 3 January and landed in Santiago Airport in Chile on the same day after a journey of nearly 20 hours.

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