Monday, March 19, 2018

Cherkassk city council urges Ukrainian President to recognize Armenian Genocide

Upon consideration of an appeal by city council parliamentarian Arayik Mkrtchyan, as well as Ararat community of Cherkassk region and a priest of the religious community of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Cherkassk city council decided to urge the Ukrainian President and parliament to support the Armenian people and confirm legislatively the recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.

According to representatives of Ararat Armenian community, this is an extremely important event for the Armenian Diaspora of Ukraine and the Armenian people, as a whole. Ararat Armenian community and the religious community of the Armenian Apostolic Church expressed their gratitude to parliamentarians for the support. The community especially appreciated the efforts of Head of Cherkassk city council Sergey Odarich, Secretary of Cherkassk city council Vasily Marinkevich and all supporting parliamentarians, as well as experts, reported.

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