Monday, March 19, 2018

The Washington Post: Karabakh would appreciate recognition yet won’t beg for it

Nagorno Karabakh today is immensely proud of its victory over Azerbaijan and confident in the face of continuing Azerbaijani threats of renewed war, says an article titled “In Karabakh, the First Post-Soviet War” published by The Washington Post.
“In 1988, Karabakh’s leaders said they wanted to be joined to Armenia proper, just to the west. Moscow never really answered, but in Azerbaijan, pogroms were launched against ethnic Armenians in response, with dozens killed,” the article says.
According to The Washington Post, “Karabakhis would appreciate international recognition, but they’re not about to beg for it.” “Karabakhis aren’t inclined to make concessions for peace, or territory or anything else,” the article says.

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